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Engineered Timber Flooring for your Melbourne Home or Business

Engineered timber flooring is designed with a quality multi-layer plywood construction with solid hardwood timber layer, providing a stable timber floor with easy installation over many surfaces. As a popular solution for Melbourne homes and businesses, it’s important to get the highest quality engineering timber flooring you can, and with Mr Timber Floors you will.

The flooring is engineered for stability and constructed of a plywood base and a 4mm wear layer of solid timber which can be prefinished if required over time. Many customers prefer this system because, depending on quantities, a floating floor can be installed in just a day which makes your life much easier.

Thanks to the advancement of engineering technology over the past few decades, these prefinished flooring products are now of a pristine quality, and also maintain environmentally conscious elements. This is due to the use of fast-growing softwood plantation timbers instead of traditional slow-growing timbers. Explore the range today and get inspired by the colours, styles and sizes we have on offer.

Why choose engineered timber flooring?

There are many reasons why engineered timber flooring may be the perfect solution for you, some include:

  • Engineered timber flooring is prefinished offering a quick installation system
  • They add value to your home
  • They are available in Australian and imported species
  • They can be installed directly over existing floors
  • They are available in a range of prefinished colours
  • They are easy to clean

Discover our range of engineered flooring and chat to our Melbourne team today

We make it our mission to incorporate a wide scope of engineered flooring designs for all customers, so no matter your style you can find something to suit your Melbourne home or business. To learn more about products and installation services, feel free to contact our expert team at Mr Timber Floors today on 9763 6373 or email

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